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Active vulcanoes, gushing geysers, natural hot springs and boiling mud pools, just to name a few of the most amazing wonders you can find on our earth - all on display in wonderful Iceland. Nature's power only serves to intensify the islands' special beauty, here you can see the vivid colors of the Blue Lagoon set smack in the middle of an impressive moon landscape,  caused by the outburst and layers of lava deposited by vulcanoes. Lonely streets are the only obstacles dividing endless spaces, which is quite unique for such a small country. 
And then there are the Northern Lights... To experience the Aurora Borealis is simply stunning and when you are visiting Iceland during the winter months, you would not want to mis joining a Northern Lights safari or see the lights on your own. 

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Atlantik : Atlantik is an acclaimed agency which specializes particularily in the MICE market on one hand and serving the Cruise industry on the other within Iceland. Our agency was founded in 1978 and has grown to become one of Iceland‘s leading travel experts. Atlantik is a specialized Destination Managment Company (DMC) and a well established operator within Iceland when it comes to Incentives, Meetings, Luxury VIP programs and Special Interest Groups. Atlantik has operated many of the most challenging and creative incentive programs and events organized in Iceland. If you are looking for a trustworthy and loyal partner to support your event in Iceland, please contact us.

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Travel Highlights Iceland

Animal watching
Iceland is a perfect spot for animal watching. Starting with whale watching. There are more than 20 different species around Iceland, from Humpback to Orca. But it is also perfect for bird watching - here you can see the Atlantic puffins Iceland is famous for.

Aurora Borealis
You need a little bit of luck to see them, but from September till April the chances are good to witness the Northern Lights. When the weather and Aurora forecast are right you can see them anywhere on the island outside the cities. Just keep looking for really dark spaces and be patient. And if you are not lucky, visit the Northern Lights Museum in Reykjavic, where you can learn a lot about this miracle.

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon, Iceland's most famous travel highlight, is a natural hot spring built into a geothermal Spa. Here you can enjoy the warm, milky blue water while sitting in the middle of an snowcapped vulcano landscape.

Golden Circle
On a Golden Circle tour you can combine visiting three of Iceland's main sights: start your tour with Thingvellir National Park. Here you can witness the result of the tectonic plates moving a few centimeters every year. Then your trip will bring you to Geysir, where water is shot up in the air for 30 meters every few minutes. Your journey will then proceed to Gulfoss, the golden waterfall. 

Jokulsarlon lagoon
Iceland's glacier lagoon is one of the islands true highlights. Even during summer you can enjoy the impressive icebergs arising from the sea. Take a guided walking tour or a boat trip to get the best possible impression of this area.

The 'smoky bay' has all the advantages of a capital city in a quite relaxing atmosphere created by, among other things, the beautiful old houses. Icelandic people work hard and party even harder, so it is no surprise that there is great nightlife in Reykjavic.